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Make a difference on campus and become involved with SBA. As a volunteer, you can participate in a number of activities that meet your skill set and time demands. Volunteers have the opportunity to develop a wide-variety of skills in a supportive environment. Volunteers also have membership rights and may vote at the Annual General Meeting. Please let us know what interests you and we’ll be happy to get in contact with you to discuss this opportunity in more detail. Also, please let us know if you will require any accommodations.

The following are just a few ways in which you can get involved and become a volunteer:

  1. Advocacy: Join SBA’s Advocacy Committee and get involved in shaping the future activist work of the organization. This committee is dedicated to making the University of Toronto a safer, more accessible and inclusive space for disabled students.
  2. Events: SBA puts on many events throughout the academic year. In past years our volunteers have helped organize the Great Barrier Hunt, Challenging Ableism and other disability specific/student centric events. If you enjoy event organizing,  have an interest in disability community building, or would like to develop event organizing skills, please get in touch with us and help us at our next event.
  3. Outreach and Promotions: Help us raise awareness about SBA’s campaigns, events, and resources. This includes postering and handing out brochures/leaflets, tabling, circulating SBA outreach materials over your networks and community listservs. Brainstorm and lead new and creative ways to promote SBA’s activities.
  4. Library Resources: Volunteer to help manage and update SBA’s resource library. Be a part of developing the library’s modest catalogue of guides, novella, books and helpful resources around health, disability and accessibility.
  5. Research: Do you have an idea for a research project that would benefit the SBA community? Be a part of an ongoing process to expand and educate the community on issues around disability/accessibility.

Training for volunteers unfamiliar with ableism, intersectionality and disability justice, and barriers to access will be provided.

To find out more or get involved either contact our Annanda, our Programming, Peer Support & Volunteer Coordinator, at uoftsba@gmail.com

Or fill out and submit our Volunteer Application Form 

Completed forms can emailed as an attachment  to uoftsba@gmail.com

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